Monthly News Roundup: August 2021


Here’s a quick recap of the top analytics stories we’ve loved diving into. As publishers and brands shore up their data strategies ahead of third-party cookie deprecation, hear what our partner Snowflake has to say about adding business value with marketing analytics, Transworld Data’s take on shifting from relying on “gut feel” to actual data-driven insights and LeadsRx’s pro-con analysis on probabilistic attribution.

Seven Ways How Marketing Analytics Can Add Business Value

The world of marketing analytics is delivering more to the business bottom line, says Peter O’Connor, vice president, sales, Asia-Pacific, at global analytics software provider Snowflake, and it’s a trend set to continue. Read why insights derived from analytics enable better audience targeting and more relevant advertising that drives both sales and customer loyalty. 

Analytics Versus Gut Feel: Which is Better for Business?

Analytics advocates face a trust-building exercise in their organizations to balance the legacy “gut feel” approach to making business decisions with data-driven insights. Mary E. Shacklett, president of Transworld Data, a technology research and market development firm, interviews a few different leaders about how they’ve navigated this challenge. 

The Pros And Cons Of Probabilistic Attribution

In a Data-Driven Thinking column for AdExchanger, CEO and co-founder of marketing attribution company LeadsRx AJ Brown says it’s critical that marketers become proficient at mastering data and analytics. This includes whether to take a deterministic or a probabilistic approach to marketing for cross-device measurement.

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