Monthly News Roundup: October 2021

We recently announced our advanced Piano Analytics solution, built to unify marketing analytics, product analytics, content analytics, transaction data and first-party data so publishers and marketers can take action on their insights. In celebration of our new capabilities, we are sharing the best analytics stories from the last month from MarTech, CMS Wire, The Drum and AIThority.

How to Choose the Best Marketing Analytics Tool for the Web

When it comes to marketing analytics, you want to use a tool that lets you decide what information matters most to your team. MarTech shares four areas to consider when evaluating your next marketing analytics solution.

Data Accuracy Isn’t the Answer to Your Analytics Problem

Are you over-focusing on accuracy in your data analytics? Analytics is about “providing context and presenting data in a way that tells a story that results in actionable business outcomes,” says CMSWire. Instead of accuracy, they share three other areas that are just as, if not more, important when it comes to analytics approaches that drive performance.

How C-Suite Leaders Can Power up Growth With A-Game Analytics

The Drum argues that problems with analytics come down to the same core areas and shares five tips for fixing them so all business units can benefit from actionable data.

Embedding Creativity with Analytics Key to Purposeful Marketing

Creativity, Analytics and Purpose represent the “growth triple play” and rely upon the merging of ideas and strategies from the CMO, CTO and CIO. Companies prioritizing these areas are achieving over twice the growth rate of their peers, 1.7x more likely to make personalization core to customer experience and 2.5x as likely to prioritize an agile content model and personalized content, according to McKinsey.

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