The Power of AI: How Today’s Marketers Can Turn Data Into Action


There’s a debate going on in the technology industry today — one that’s been argued across the pages of The Economist, Wired and Forbes. They’ve all asked the question: is data the new oil?

Data, after all, provides fuel for much of the technology we see today. Like oil, it’s become a commodity. 

And like the oil gushers familiar to most, if only from television and movies, that flood of data, flowing fast, can be impossible to grasp. Which, for modern companies looking to thrive, translates into a stream of untapped revenue.

That’s the situation marketing departments find themselves facing today. With an ever-expanding flow of data to analyze and apply, they’re looking for the best way to harness the deluge of information available, to drive results and create better relationships with their users. All with the goal of meeting — or better yet, exceeding — the expectations that those sophisticated modern users bring to every experience they encounter.

That’s where artificial intelligence comes in. Like an engine, it harnesses data to power your marketing experience.


Data-Driven Experiences

What if you could predict what piece of content a user is likely to want to see next? Or whether they’re more or less likely to register for an account, sign up for a newsletter, access an ebook or ask for a software demo? How would that change the experience you offer?

The data to make those predictions is already available. AI taps into it, making it possible for marketers to see beyond their traditional boundaries. It helps them understand their customers better and build one-to-one customized experiences based on past behavior. And since every user is unique, it gives marketers the chance to see how each visitor responds to content and messaging at every step across their channels — predicting the path they’re on to build a journey that connects. 

AI-driven marketing opens up the potential to turn data into action, to:

  • Get insight into your users, prospects and customers
  • Serve up the next best action, customized to every user and use case
  • Understand the individual drivers that fuel conversion on your site
  • Design unique experiences across your owned-and-operated channels
  • Act quickly and intelligently for real-time experiences that connect

Whether it’s the content recommendations delivered by Piano ESP or our LT[x] machine learning framework, which predicts conversion actions, Piano utilizes AI to help marketers create customized experiences for their users, putting them on the best path to drive conversion. Drawing on site-specific data, we use data to predict action, creating a powerful tool to fuel conversion. 

In other words, it taps into that gusher of data — turning it into revenue potential.

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