The Zero-Party Data Strategy: Monetizing Data in a World Without Third-Party Cookies

Piano Team

What will the digital advertising landscape look like once third-party cookies come to an end? Read our ebook to find out.

The answer is still not completely known. But with third-party cookies dying, and the validity of third-party data diminishing with it, advertisers and marketers need new solutions that will enable them to continue providing the personalized messaging consumers are used to, while maintaining the highest levels of data privacy. And those solutions need to be based around the most accurate, well-sourced data possible. 

Intentionally volunteered by users, zero-party data fits those standards — combined with other data types, it promises to emerge at the center of the new ecosystem that evolves. And media companies are in a good position to take advantage.

In Piano’s newest ebook, learn more about why zero-party data promises to play a critical role in the new advertising landscape, and what media companies need to know to create a strategy around it.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • How to build a value exchange that inspires users to voluntarily provide their zero-party data.

  • How to create precise segments for ad targeting by combining zero-party data with other data types and applying it to a larger audience. 

  • How advertisers might identify users in a world after third-party cookies, and how that promises to affect the advertising ecosystem.

  • How to maximize your technology toolset to get the most out of zero-party data and connect it to the new ecosystem that emerges.

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