Infographic - 10 privacy features to check when choosing your analytics solution

May 3, 2021 Piano Team

To survive and thrive in today’s post-GDPR world, companies need to be able to clearly demonstrate to end users that they operate in an accountable and lawful environment, based both on respect for human rights and irreproachable ethics. This is why it’s essential to work with a reliable analytics partner that places your data privacy first. Piano is a trusted global analytics leader, supporting complex digital strategies with unrivalled in-platform features, while pioneering the highest standards of data protection and privacy. ​

By working with Piano, you’re choosing a best-in-class, GDPR-compliant analytics partner that “walks the walk” by providing total transparency over how your data is processed and by being accountable for everything we do.


Privacy-centric analytics

  1. Piano defines personal data based entirely on Art.4 of the GDPR.
  1. Our Data Subjects’ Rights Management is also fully compliant with the GDPR definition of personal data.
  1. Piano’s customers contractually maintain complete ownership of their data and we commit to never sharing this data with a third party or using it for our own purposes.
  1. Customers’ audience data is entirely processed and stored in the EU.
  1. Our tagging methods offer a set of transparent and easy-to-integrate features to manage both consent and opt-out.
  1. These consent management methods are stated in crystal clear and comprehensive online documentation.
  1. Our legal approach to user consent provides optimal data quality and minimizes the risk of data loss.
  2. Piano has a DPO and legal team specializing in data privacy to support customers in their compliancy strategy, as well as expert 24/7 support via a team of analytics consultants.
  1. As stated in our DPA, we provide easily accessible, clear documentation and complete transparency in the information given to customers for their end users.
  1. We have ongoing relations with the key EU data protection authorities and are continually looking to work with additional DPAs.



Our privacy-driven approach

By choosing Piano, you’re minimizing the risk of:

  • Prosecution/fine for non-GDPR compliance
  • Individual complaints
  • Long-tail breach costs (breach management, notification, post breach)
  • Lost business
  • Damage to brand reputation



Why take the risk?

89% of consumers avoid doing business with companies they believe don’t protect their data

48% have already switched companies or providers because of their data policies or data-sharing practices