The Zero-Party Data Strategy: Monetizing Data in a World Without Third-Party Cookies

What will the digital advertising landscape look like once third-party cookies come to an end?

In Piano’s newest ebook, learn more about why zero-party data promises to play a critical role in the new advertising landscape, and what media companies need to know to create a strategy around it.

Read this ebook to learn:

  • How to build a value exchange that inspires users to voluntarily provide their zero-party data.
  • How to create precise segments for ad targeting by combining zero-party data with other data types and applying it to a larger audience.
  • How advertisers might identify users in a world after third-party cookies, and how that promises to affect the advertising ecosystem.
  • How to maximize your technology toolset to get the most out of zero-party data and connect it to the new ecosystem that emerges.